Our Goals

Helping Build and Grow Children In God’s Love

Spiritual Development

  • An awareness of God through observance in our lives
  • A daily time of devotion through songs and Bible stories
  • Learning that as God loves us, we can love others

Emotional Development

  • A sense of security and safety
  • A sense of self-respect and respect for others
  • A feeling of being cared for and valued
  • A sense of accomplishment and self esteem

Social Development

  • To promote the balance between self-centeredness and the awareness of the feelings and concern for others.
  • The ability to share and take turns through group activities
  • Opportunities to lead, follow, join in a peer group

Intellectual Development

  • Tending to the natural curiosity of a child and allowing for natural exploration
  • Applauding growth, independence, and success in daily activities, learning and play
  • Exposure to language through music, stories, and peers
  • Exposure to Kindergarten readiness skills through listening, reading, writing and math
  • Learning Bible stories and truths, relevant to daily living

Physical Development

  • Outdoor large motor skills and sense of balance development through climbing, running and riding tricycles.
  • Indoor movement large motor skills development
  • Musically influenced development
  • Fine motor skills development: Pre-writing skills and development of small muscles
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