The Sonshine Factory is a Christian preschool and Kindergarten operating as an integrated auxiliary of Lancaster First Assembly of God church, and we uphold our faith in all facets of our operation. We are established as a service to the families and children of our community. This service is grown out of a sincere love for children and a desire on the part of First Assembly to help them in their development and adjustment to our modern world. The SonShine Factory complements the values found in a Christian home by providing developmentally appropriate learning experiences that exemplify God’s presence in their daily routines.
We offer a full range of programming, with care offered from infants all the way through six years of age. At each stage of development, we are equipped with well-trained and caring staff members to ensure that your child is being brought up in a loving and nurturing environment. Our education program consists of phonics, beginning reading, math, science, and social studies, complete with Biblical emphasis to ensure a relationship with our Creator in the children’s lives. We hope to hear from you, we would love to have your child bless our lives as we help them learn and grow!



Spiritual Development

  • An awareness of God through observance in our lives
  • A daily time of devotion through songs and Bible stories
  • Learning that as God loves us, we can love others

Emotional Development

  • A sense of security and safety
  • A sense of self-respect and respect for others
  • A feeling of being cared for and valued
  • A sense of accomplishment and self esteem

Social Development

      • To promote the balance between self-centeredness and the
        awareness of the feelings and concern for others.
      • The ability to share and take turns through group activities
      • Opportunities to lead, follow, join in a peer group

Intellectual Development

  • Tending to the natural curiosity of a child and allowing for natural exploration
  • Applauding growth, independence, and success in daily activities, learning and play
  • Exposure to language through music, stories, and peers
  • Exposure to Kindergarten readiness skills through listening, reading, writing and math
  • Learning Bible stories and truths, relevant to daily living

Physical Development

    • Outdoor large motor skills and sense of balance development
      through climbing, running and riding tricycles.
    • Indoor movement large motor skills development
    • Musically influenced development
    • Fine motor skills development: Pre-writing skills and
      development of small muscles


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